Kinmen, my hometown with the glorious sun and blue sky like Greece, has never forgotten to call me. As the lens goes on, although I try to capture the most memorable beautiful lingering in Ukiyo-e, as the years accumulate, my heart becomes clearer and clearer. , There is an inner desire to transform the accumulated feelings of aesthetic life in life into eternity that can be stopped in real life; I know I am waiting for a suitable season to start sowing in the dream field.

After walking through thousands of mountains and rivers, I always find the true warmth and touch every time I look back at my hometown. We love the enthusiasm and simplicity of the people of Kinmen, the green of Kinmen, the sunshine of Kinmen, the sea breeze of Kinmen, the migratory and resident birds of Kinmen, and the unique ancient architecture of southern Fujian that combines classical Chinese, Southeast Asian and European style. Attachment.

 During a stay in my hometown at the end of 2008, we happened to see the announcement of the tender for the ancient house in Kinmen National Park. Fortunately, we participated in the proposal and gained favor, which brought my dream of returning to my hometown and the operation of the ancient house in Kinmen National Park. Planning, it is possible to combine with each other. This beautiful encounter not only gives us the opportunity to extend the feelings of a good life to the real life, but also turns it into a delight that can be shared with everyone.

On this beautiful island that is a little distant and a little strange to everyone, ``Slow Man B&B'' is leading me on my way home. This road is the beginning of another journey of life. I look forward to this rich journey. A beautiful encounter with you (you).